2015: Focus on Online Training for Toastmasters


provide relevant, timely and engaging online training sessions for Toastmasters, Club Officers or Executive teams.

Do you want to be part of a growing community of Toastmasters who experience valuable professional development online? Would you like to present your ideas using voice, text and visuals displayed on a shared whiteboard? All from the comfort of your own desk?

Come and join me for the Third webinar in the Membership Building Series!
Facebook for Toastmasters: Power Strategies to Increase Your Club Membership

Please share with #toastchat #toastmasters


You are Invited to Join me for these webinars at (1:00 pm GMT+10) in the months of August, September, and in the months of October & November (1:00 pm GMT+11); in the Australia Series Blackboard Collaborate web conference space at: http://tinyurl.com/29tyznz

RSVP easyspeakchampion@gmail.com or Contact Coach Carole 0414 532 785

The Membership Building Series:

Focus on smart use of Social Media Strategies for promoting your club, converting your visitors to frequent guests, encouraging your guests to join as members, and retaining the members you have.

Featuring Guest Toastmasters from around the globe. Further details of the series is here.

Educational 4: Membership Building  Social Media Strategies, Part Three, October 17.

Recording link here:

Educational 3: Membership Building – Social Media Strategies, Part Two – September 26

Recording Link Here:

Educational 2: Membership Building: Social Media Strategies, Part One – August 29

Featured Rae Stonehouse from District 21, Canada.

Recording link here:

Educational 1: Club Success Planning – August 5

Recording Link Here:

These educational online workshops will unpack the ingredients of the Club Success Plan and provide ideas and strategies for new executives to plan for success at their clubs, effectively and collaboratively.

The discussions will enable all participants to share their ideas and challenges for cooperating effectively as a team.

The reason for choosing August is to fit in with the requirements of Toastmaster Districts in providing Club Officer Training (COT) opportunities during this month.

Across the world, Toastmasters who are new to, or repeating their executive roles, are undertaking COT to increase their knowledge of what is expected of them as: President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer or Sergeant-at-Arms.

This webinar series is part of an exploration in providing online training for regional and remote clubs and aims to enhance the leadership skills within each club.

This series is an initiative of the new club in formation: Indigo Valley Speakers and seeks to attract other Toastmasters who want to explore the potentials for Online Training for Toastmasters.

Please RSVP to Coach Carole at : easyspeakchampion@gmail.com

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easy-Speak Training: webinars coming in July 2015


Are you a newly elected club officer at your club(s)?

Do you need some quick and easy steps to managing your club easy-Speak site?

Put some time aside in July for some webinars to show you the way.

July 6, 13, 20, 27 at 12 noon AEST (check your own time zones here)

If you are the VPE and need some help straight away, please self-enrol in the easy-Speak Made Easy course (use the password easyspeak to login as a guest)

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Journal of Creative Writing: March – June 2015

I have been working in the field of online learning for over a decade now and I am enjoying my current ‘rewirement’ phase as a time to reflect. My time stretches out in front of me now like a silvered pathway into unknown adventures and I am keen to start my journey into creative writing online.

One of my educational pastimes is ‘creative writing’ and I recently enrolled in a Creative Writing course with Open Colleges. I did this to help provide some structure, momentum and support for my fictional writing in 2015. This type of writing is still ‘new’ to me and as it does not always have a ‘project’, as did my educational writing –  with all of the structure that projects provide – I wanted to put that structure in place to help with my creativity.

Day One: March 18, 2015

I am happy to say that after a few days of waiting, my enrolment is in order and I am now able to access the Open Space for gathering my learning materials, communicating with my peers and submitting my assessments. In the space of an hour or so, I had successfully navigated to ‘90720 Creative Writing Study Period 1′. This was an easy and stress free process and I was able to access, download and print my first useful resources.

Part of the first week of study includes a considerable preamble to online study, but I have chosen to leap straight into Topic 3: Tracking your Ideas for the purpose of this ‘online journal’.

Using this Blog

I want to be able to share my learning along the way so I have chosen to publish my ‘journal’ of creative writing, right here.

More than Half Way!

Some time has passed since I reflected her on the creative writing course. Three months into my studies and I am already more than half way through the assessments. In fact my Open Space tells me I have a 63% completion rate. The feedback on my assessments so far have been pleasing – I am happy with Satisfactory or Distinction ratings – and will continue to aim for a High Distinction for my writings.

Life has muscled in of late and I have not had time to complete the next segment of Module 3, Writing for Children. What I have been doing is further research into the genre of ‘fantasy’ before I launch into further writings.

Community postings from other participants in the Facebook group for Creative Writing are a source of inspiration and validation – I am glad to be in the company of those who have completed or who are, like me, in the process.

My own writings are taking off in two different streams: Family History Fact and Family History Fiction (Celtic Faery Tales). I have progressed with my genealogy research on the strong women of my tribe and continue to write short pieces about them for my Celtic Family History blog. My Celtic Faery Tale is progressing well in the other blog.

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What’s happening in 2015?

Educational Voluntary Services

OZelive 2015 – February 27-28 and March 1 – details of this totally online conference run by volunteers is available in our promotional flyer online and in our Facebook Page. If you wish to join in the fun please join us at our website.

Toastmasterseasy-Speak Made Easy – Training opportunities available this year in a variety of formats.

  • On site training at your local Club Officer Training days (Regional easy-Speak Training – REST program) February and September or on request for Toastmaster clubs in regional Victoria.
    Locate the slideshows for workshop 1 and workshop 2 here.
  • Online help in real time for new users (VPEs or other club officers) of easy-Speak (Online Help Desk easy-Speak) OHDES program). Monthly for Toastmaster clubs in Australia or on request for International Toastmasters in mutually compatible time zones.
  • easy-Speak Made Easy – further facilitated courses being planned for March/April and July/August 2015. Registrations.

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Speechcraft Online

What resources and activities would you include in a Speechcraft Online course/workshop for Toastmasters wanting to learn how to plan, promote and facilitate a Speechcraft Program?

Do you want to explore the potential for Speechcraft Online? Are you an experienced Toastmaster? Have you facilitated in Speechcraft programs for your club or division?

You may be interested in being part of an advisory group or a design/development team in creating and facilitating a Speechcraft Online Course.

You are invited to join me for a webinar on Wednesday November 19 at 7pm GMT+11 as part of the Global Education Conference.


Toastmasters International is one of the largest international educational institutions with 90 years of experience in training public speakers and leaders. This organization is reaching out with social media and online learning opportunities for their global connections and collaborations.

In this presentation I plan to share innovative practices online and to show how international Toastmasters can connect and collaborate in a real project, and build new global experiences for those who wish to learn the art of public speaking.

Participants in this session will have an opportunity to join a collaborative team to design, develop and facilitate a Toastmasters Speechcraft Online Course.


Join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/speechcraftonline/

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easy-Speak facilitated online course 2015!

Are you interested in learning more about easy-Speak?

Do you want to learn collaboratively with others who are new to easy-Speak?

Do you have a group of new club officers at your club who need training in using easy-Speak tools and strategies effectively?

Do you want to earn your easy-Speak Badges?

Then why not commit some quality learning time in June/July 2015 and join others who are enrolling in easy-Speak Made Easy!

The easy-Speak Made Easy course is available at any time for self-paced learning through self-enrolment, however, a facilitated version will also be available for those who wish to collaborate with others as they access, learn and complete the course. This will be just in time for the Club Officer Changeover period.

easy-Speak facilitated online course 2015!

Groups of Toastmaster Club Officers whose clubs already use easy-Speak for club management, and who are new to their roles, would benefit from participating in the facilitated course in June/July 2015.

Individuals who wish to learn more about how to use easy-Speak effectively as members, club officers or web masters would also benefit from participating in the facilitated course in June/July 2015.

You can self-enrol here (password = easyspeak)

Registrations for next year’s facilitated course will be posted here in February.

Coming up! More video How To’s will be provided soon on YouTube – be sure to subscribe to: easy-Speak Support Team – YouTube.

More news on easy-Speak webinars scheduled for February 2015, soon.

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Toastmasters online course: easy-Speak Made Easy!

This week brings the launch of the new easy-Speak Made Easy free course for Toastmasters at CoachCarole.net. This is a course just right for those who are using or planning to use the easy-Speak system to manage their club meetings, member achievements and to easily monitor member progress through the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader programs and beyond.

Registrations to join are available in the easy-Speak Made Easy page where you will find a registration form to fill in online.

Already we have a group of eager participants from many countries of the world waiting to be enrolled! You could be among them!

This is a great opportunity to focus on developing your skills in easy-Speak, and discussing with others how best to implement it for your club or district.

Throughout the course we will feature guest presenters who are skilled in the implementation of easy-Speak in their districts in our weekly online webinars.

The course is set in a MOODLE learning management service – an easy to use learning site where you can access learning materials in ebook, video and downloadable print based formats. What is Moodle?

This pilot version of the course will be facilitated for enrolled participants during March/April 2014 – and will remain open for guests to view and learn from. There are no fees or hidden costs – it just requires a commitment of your time.

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Malcolm Warden, UK, designer of easy-Speak, for his support in this initiative, along with Bill Monsour, EU, advocate and leading trainer in easy-Speak for the Netherlands.

Note: This pilot course was developed as the key project in my High Performance Leadership program. I am happy to share my easy-Speak Made Easy! journey with other clubs in my Monaro Division of District 70.

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OZeLive 22-23 February

February 22-23 2014

The volunteer teams from Australia e-Series in collaboration with The Learning Revolution, are very excited about our first online conference in 2014.

We invite you to join our network and consider participating and/or presenting on any of the strands for this event.

Call for proposals open until February 15!

We’ve streamlined the proposal submission process for you and look forward to receiving them here.

All presentations will be scheduled in Blackboard Collaborate virtual classrooms and moderated by volunteers. The 45 minute sessions will be recorded and converted to MP4 format, then made available in our OZeLive You Tube channel.

Backchannelling and promotions will appear in Twitter under #ozelive and we will keep you informed through Social Media such as Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Strands will include:

Web 3.0 / social media

Educator 3.0* eLearning/ Blended learning/ LMS* Networking

Collaborative learning / learning theory / pedagogy

Use of technology in the classroom/learning environment


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2014 Moodle-Mahara Meetup – 30 September 2014

Save the Date – 2014 Moodle-Mahara Meetup – 30 September 2014

“2014 Moodle-Mahara Meetup” will be held in Melbourne on 30 September 2014 at Box Hill Institute.

“2014 Moodle-Mahara Meetup” (#MMMup) will help us ‘think outside the box’ when using open source software systems Moodle learning management system and Mahara eportfolio system in education and training.

Keynote presentations and case studies through posters, short presentations and workshop break-out sessions will enable a variety of perspectives to be shared.

“2014 Moodle-Mahara Meetup” aims to attract educators, educational designers, and learning and development managers interested in moving out of the box through better integration of Moodle and Mahara.

Other technical integrations which support effective online learning and assessment through Moodle and Mahara, such as Open Badges, learning analytics, and the Experience API (xAPI), will also be showcased.

Call for proposals to present or to facilitate a workshop will be announced early in 2014. Registrations to attend this event will open shortly thereafter.

“2014 Moodle-Mahara Meetup” will be held in the same week as the 2014 Eportfolio Forum and Workshops on 1-2 October 2014 at La Trobe University.

Want to know more about Moodle-Mahara or Mahoodle
Please let us know if you would be interested in being on the Organising Group for this event by emailing moodlemaharameetup@gmail.com

Join Moodle-Mahara Meetup on:

Hashtag: #MMMup

For further information contact Allison Miller: 0400 732 270, email: moodlemaharameetup@gmail.com

More information:
“Moodle-Mahara Meetup” is as not-for-profit event which aims to raise the profile of the connection between Moodle and Mahara, also known as Mahoodle, to lower the barriers of online learning.
0400 732 270

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Tales from the Underworld!


My Keynote for next Wednesday November 27 for the Caval Reference Interest Group is called:

Tales from the Underworld

For details of this presentation and workshop, please make your way to the CRIG2013 page.

If you’d like to join the group of blended librarians in a mini mooc in their Undercover C.o.Ps Google + group, please join us there.

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